Delivering successful projects in Africa

Who we are

ÉGNON Consulting is a professional services firm of consulting engineers and project managers with a focus on Africa. We provide services to public and private sector stakeholders in the power, mining and environmental services sectors, who have business interests in Africa.

ÉGNON Consulting provides end-to-end support in the execution of your projects, from planning to implementation. We are a trustworthy partner, attentive to your needs.

Our key assets

A network of experts in Africa and around the world
Strong project management skills
An in-depth knowledge of the African context
Local and regional presence

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission

To provide solutions which are tailor made to our clients’ needs in order to ensure the success of their projects in Africa.

Our vision

To build a world where well conceived and locally implemented ideas and projects add value and have a positive impact on people and their environment.

Our values

Trust: We value honesty and reliability in all circumstances as the basis for a long-lasting relationship with our clients, colleagues and partners.

Care: We take pride in our ability to understand the roots causes of our clients’ problems and find solutions that best resolve their issues.

Commitment: We make the satisfaction and success of our clients our priority and we spare no effort in ensuring that their vision and ambitions are achieved. By this, we constantly demonstrate to our clients how much we care about their success.

Teamwork: We encourage every team member to express their unique talent, we value partnership and enable knowledge and experience sharing, in order to deliver outstanding results as a team.

Our network of professionals

ÉGNON Consulting relies on a strong network of seasoned professionals in Africa and abroad.

Their solid expertise and proven experience range from project management, advisory, engineering, environment and construction to planning and technical support.

We are therefore able to put together multidisciplinary teams to meet all your needs.

A regional approach

We provide services primarily within the West African sub region.
Our Headquarters are in Cotonou (Bénin) and our project office is in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire).
We have representatives in Canada, Burkina Faso, Mali and Togo.
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